Any good silver themes for xfce? Preferably themes that look 2010ish, I like the aesthetic of those.

Can you piss people off by installing Linux on something?

The Roblox Twix man. I cannot escape Roblox no matter how hard I try!

The dualshock 4 controller is the best controller ever made, I love it!

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Protect developer freedom. Abolish software patents. Learn why software patents are unjust by checking out the new design of our #endsoftwarepatents initiative.

Root BSD mentioned this on Thanksgiving but I always find the drug TV commercials funny, like there's a bunch of happy people running but meanwhile:

"May cause all of these weird and wacky side effects like your head becoming a balloon."

Am I too young to understand this? Or am I just not used to it?

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I also can't comprehend how kids around that age actually want AND convince their parents to spend money on micro transactions, at age 6 - 8 I played online multiplayer games on a computer sometimes but I never wanted anything like Robux from Roblox. I just wanted to play something.

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I still am kind of surprised when I find out that 7 year olds are playing modern video games, I was still playing DS games when I was that age.

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.... si no fuera tan vago haría un streaming o reseñas de juegos en Linux. Es algo que he deseado hacer desde hace tiempo, pero nunca me he dado a la tarea. De entrada no sabría qué plataforma usar para streamear (¿twitch? no sé... no me atrae). ¿Alguna idea? ¿A alguien le interesaría ver streaming o tutoriales o reseñas de juegos en Linux?


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I realize how much I need to keep up with Spanish, I only have the knowledge of a 5 year old in terms of Spanish and I read the toots I boosted with some difficulty.. I used translate for some clarification on what the guy was saying.

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Me enoja ver que hay gente que critica a Linux sin conocerlo. Sobre todo, me enoja que siga existiendo el prejuicio de que Linux no es un buen sistema para jugar videojuegos. Conozco a pocas personas que juegen más que yo (o sea, conozco a pocas personas más vagas) y estoy perfectamente satisfecho con cómo corren los juegos en Linux, sea nativos o con emuladores (sí, tengo una GPU grandota, pero también juego en mi laptop con gráficos integrados)...

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Does anyone have the lyrics for DT's freestyle rap?

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