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If you don't compromise when it comes to protecting your privacy and maintaining your anonymity — #GetSession.


Are you a privacy hawk? Well then familiarize yourself with all this privacy preserving technology 🤫


To make my life a little easier with game development, I'm making an Adventure Game Studio template with the custom UI I developed, bundled with a demo game.

In a nutshell, soon anybody will be able to use the ActionWheel interface in their own games! I'm completely releasing it as Open Source in a standalone project soon! #gamedev

Recently, I stumbled across the Red language ( I also found this tutorial ( for it.

Or get started with your own virtual sever from only €9,95 EUR/mo on #Stuxhost!

For those of you that don't know @stux, they're one of the most endearing, nicest people I've met on the Fediverse!

Please support them and use @Stuxhost if you are in need of a provider!

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