To make my life a little easier with game development, I'm making an Adventure Game Studio template with the custom UI I developed, bundled with a demo game.

In a nutshell, soon anybody will be able to use the ActionWheel interface in their own games! I'm completely releasing it as Open Source in a standalone project soon! #gamedev

Recently, I stumbled across the Red language ( I also found this tutorial ( for it.

Or get started with your own virtual sever from only €9,95 EUR/mo on #Stuxhost!

For those of you that don't know @stux, they're one of the most endearing, nicest people I've met on the Fediverse!

Please support them and use @Stuxhost if you are in need of a provider!

The 8-Bit Guy’s house flooded due to a burst pipe caused by the deep freeze and snow. Most of the furniture, all of the flooring, and the bottom foot of all of the walls in his house will have to be replaced.

@sircmpwn I saw that added a feature to host web pages and it made me smile. Keep up the good work.

Trump and Rudy have been sued, but the lawsuit is destined for failure due to a major defect in the complaint:

This video will tell you everything you need to know about it.

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