AI is a buzzword.

It is literally just a programming style your professor thought was too complicated to teach you.

It is very much worth learning though. May future GPU's become cheaper.

Controlling for mental limitations seems to be a common theme in the formal sciences such as math and software engineering.

"In this paper, we have tended to stress simplicity above all else because that is the first filter for any proof."

Good mathematicians are suckless devs.

I don't understand my computer. But I "can" understand any part of my computer. I own it. It won't sell me out to suckerberg or the alphabet boys. *freedom flex*


Excuse the naiveté, but what is the deal with languages and operating systems that organize themselves around one feature? From an SE perspective, that seems like a lot of work to adapt your own compiler, or kernel and package system, over a single selling point.

For example:
Rust, memory safty
Haskell, lazy evaluation

Guix, hashed/functional package management
InstantOS, fast wm

Anybody here get into dwarf fortress?

It is actually pretty relaxing. I only died once, in the last 10 hours.

Not much breaks immersion. The graphics are stylized to be simple and clean. And I feel like I am just exploring instead of following a quest list.

It feels like a mix of the good parts of runescape, skyrim, 7d2d, and minecraft. I would have lost my shit if this game came out a decade ago.

I feel like the vegan in my research group. "I get that all of this nice stuff is free for us, but could we maybe not use Microsoft teams and other such products for everything?"

Also being able to access IEEE papers with a couple clicks is nice, but journals that paywall science are a bad thing to depend on. I hope this doesn't become a thing were students try to push this stuff to exist in industry once they graduate.

Apparently website cryptominers are becoming a lot more common. That is an odd downside of a cryptocoin becoming popular.

Crazy. I could see making use of it if I were an ML engineer.

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A single max spec Linux computer, 75K USD.

Would go great with Spot, the robot Boston Dynamics dog, and a Tesla.

Madness... System76 has the right of it. A Linux product that can outdo any windows gaming rig on the market.

It is just interfaces all the way down.

The compcert project is great. It is a C compiler written as a mathematical proof. It has been used to find bugs in other C compilers like gcc.

I wonder where the first principles idea came from anyway. Logic is based on capturing the behavior of reason through language. Algebra started off on capturing the behavior of numbers. Maybe the desire for simplicity, or pulling on modus ponens of parts of a theory.

Inevitably these patterns are axioms of a given system. But they allow infinite interpretation more often than not.

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It also seems like there is a lot more wisdom to be gained from looking at the whole system than trying to build it from simple parts. It is why most modern logic systems try to catch behavior instead of prescribing fundamentals. It naturally captures the idea of language games anyway to view it as a system.

I am not sure why everybody isn't pilling into automated reasoning research. SMT is a truly ground breaking discovery.

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