@ChrisWere @phoenix it is because apple is a part of the organisation that holds the rights to h264, h265, mp3, mp4, etc so if they don't support the free formats on their devices then other services will have to keep using non-free formats and pay royalties, a part of which goes to apple.

> systemd

on a more serious note though you can have it run a script which checks storage usage and if it is above a specified command, it deletes things.

@law there's a client called toot tui if you like to use command line apps

@thenewoil at this point i don't understand why anyone would use chrome. i can understand that people don't want to switch away from google search because their search is really good but as for chrome there's many good browsers out there.

@BrodieOnLinux you should upload your streams to lbry once they're done

@luke luke you had asked for self hosted mailing list solutions in your peertube stream so you may want to look at this git.mentality.rip/lasers/aweso

@luke you should have the word "recipe" in the title tag for better seo, since most people search "xyz recipe", this way even normies who don't know about this can get to your website from their search results.

#Tusky has been removed from the PlayStore by Google

@BrodieOnLinux should've talked about the alternative rbw cli tool for bitwarden.

Thanks to YouTube for breaking Invidious and youtube-dl. They added an obscure API that can change at any time and developers of both tools don't know what to do. I think Google will add Digital Restrictions Management there soon..

#youtube #google

@yisraeldov @adnan360 @BrodieOnLinux bitwarden rs is a rewrite of bitwarden server that fixes this issue and is still fully compatible with bitwarden apps.

@BrodieOnLinux check out rbw, an unofficial cli client for bitwarden. It's much better than the official one.

@syscrash manually set up the dns server on her phone to something else to bypass pihole

@JensChristensen unfortunately search results are way too bad for me to replace ddg with it.

@dammn the language support is indeed quite limited compared to Google.

To all those that are looking for a more private translation service to use instead of Google translate there's deepl.com/translate

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