finally got my beloved xmonad working again... still doesn't have IPC to polybar but... one thing that I learned from GNOME, despite their bloat and other issues... is that it is good to not just have tons of things open anyway so just keeping track of a couple of workspaces mentally should be fine for now... i guess until i get around to learning a bit of haskell

Anyone had any luck adding either of the patches to put dbus IPC from xmonad to polybar?? I switched to GNOME from my frankenstein DE that I was building mostly just because I broke my config trying to add one of the patches for this... I think I would be totally satisfied with the setup I had before if I could just get the numbered workspaces on polybar from xmonad the way that you get them from i3 out of the box. I can't go back to i3 though. can't stand the manual splitting thing...


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