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@james For sure. Less of a kitchen sink, clear boundaries against the proprietary world. Gitea is great.

@codeberg @adnan360

EFF to court: Public disclosure of court rulings permitting real-time tracking of suspects is crucial to learn what limits judges place on that surveillance.

@kirby You are still young. Take action to make your life better now (or at least to avoid serious pain later).

4,857,671 accounts
+74 in the last hour
+1,763 in the last day
+11,178 in the last week

@xmanmonk How would you recommend eliminating mains hum in #Mixxx? I am going to do some digging for an equalizer and use an audio spectrum analyzer on a recording of silence. This has been a persistent problem in my shows.

Today I have noticed Haiku has gone to Beta 3... According to its release notes it now also supports GPU as well.

Malicious websites can identify you through fingerprinting or use other tactics for tracking your activity. #JShelter aims to improve the privacy and security of your web browsing. #FreeJS

I really like the aesthetics of Gemini. Geminispace, Gemini capsules, gemlogs, gemcasts, and a new one I discovered just a couple of weeks ago, orbits; the gemini equivalent of webrings (which I also had to look up).

The ragdoll also did this when i was trying to put it in the seat

ironically the ragdoll was also kanata so i guess things are still too weak

What if the Golden Age of the internet is at its end? What will the world be like in 20 years when fast internet is anything with higher bit rates than LoRa?

To mourn the *****ONLINE NOT REAL LIFE***** loss of Root BSD

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