Happy Macintosh day!
It came out 38 years ago today, January 24, 1984.

People around the world use sites that rely on proprietary JavaScript - often without realizing it. Nonfree JavaScript subjugates users in the same way as any piece of proprietary software. We should reject it. fsf.org/campaigns/freejs

We have FSF & GNU pins! These popular designs are now back in pin form. Become an FSF associate member and snag a snazzy pair. my.fsf.org/join

@safiuddinkhan If you're using Wayland, try visurf! It is powered by Netsurf but inspired by Qutebrowser.

It never got to my head that Netsurf can process basic internet correctly and the javascript is disabled by default... Netsurf can be a good alternate of mainstream browsers in a resource constrained environments or an alternate to those very basic web browsers like lynx and the links browser. But no unicode though I guess but that's fine.. I have read it can also do some rudimentary HTML5 as well though I don't know. And it does not use Blink, Webkit or Gecko. It is its own thing.

Does anyone legitimately use damn small Linux as a daily driver?

A pro athlete was recently suspended for 30 games for making a gesture at another player. The gesture was described as allegedly imitating monkey-like movements and are consequently racist. Sticks and stones, people. SMH

Timcast promoting the ! Welcome to those who just joined!
Also Twitter was down for a while. They're becoming irrelevant soon.

Microsoft acquired Blizzard Entertainment. They're now officially a monopoly in gaming! What's happening to Sony PlayStation?
Break up Microsoft, switch to Linux!

Good article about what Tim Berners-Lee is trying to do to fix the web. His ideas around pods are really interesting, and resonates well with the ideals behind #Decentralization unlike all of the hype around "Web3" and NFTs.


OK, I think it might actually be time to close my Twitter account…

#twitter #nft

I also got some #internetradio streaming going over #Bluetooth #dialup on my #Treo. Great as in 2020 lol. Just discovered Zoe's show on #WFMU #NYC! Also for @agk I finally found the fixed #Radio #Nacional de #Colombia stream links. Good way to end the weekend and head to bed. @claudiom @kelbot @cosullivan @nytpu @goosey @snowdusk @gemlog @northernlights @dctrud @james @ajroach42

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