I've been thinking for the past few months of developing a fork of GNOME 3.38, just like how MATE forked GNOME 2.32. All I need is a name. Any suggestions?
Forking and maintaining a whole desktop environment is going to be difficult, so instead we're forking gnome-shell (with vertical desktops) as well as all the necessary applications while supporting the latest ones from GNOME 40+, while including GTK4 support as well as EFL and Qt.
IRC: #-3-fork on libera.chat


When I search "gnome 3 fork" on DuckDuckGo, MY FORK comes up. So it seems to me like it's time to get started.
As @10leej suggested, the name will be called Flamingo.
This project is now open for contributors! Learn more here:

@james @hackabox@fosstodon.org good luck in your adventures. I at least hope you can port it to gtk4 without too much issue, and please make it your priority less you get into the trap that MATE did.

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