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On this day in 1837, Michigan officially became a state in the United States!
Did you know that it had to deal with a dispute about the Toledo strip?

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I was just in my Radio Speech class. A girl couldn’t figure out how to install Audacity. The teacher couldn’t figure it out either. She asked me for help. I installed it. It worked.
Now the whole class is surprised about it! I feel proud of myself!

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Today I went to Micro Center. I found a Logitech MK235 keyboard, with a Linux sticker on the box! Go tell Linus!
I also got a new flash drive, formatted with ext4 for Linux.

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Before, we built buildings. Now, we build tech services.

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Imagine if the whole world was designed on base 16 (0-F) instead of base 10 (0-9). (The Sumerians used base 12, which is what clocks use.) How would the world change?

@gemlog @claudiom @nytpu @kelbot @goosey @ajroach42 @james And we have liftoff! The resuscitated #freebie #towerpc #computer boots immediately, although I had to pull out the Quadro temporarily to get the default graphics working. 10GB DDR3 RAM and a Core i5-2400 inside. Soon to be 16GB with the final upgraded. Next step, installing Ubuntu over LAN...

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@gemlog @claudiom @nytpu @kelbot @goosey @ajroach42 @james @publius @linm @ParadeGrotesque And yet better, it installs so fast and boots in under a minute!! Must be the SSD, but overall this thing is extremely fast. I am very impressed.

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On this day in 1837, Michigan officially became a state in the United States!
Did you know that it had to deal with a dispute about the Toledo strip?

Neat, ArchLabs Linux the only arch based d. with NILFS2 official support. This rather new file system is though to work the best with small files thing in general known as the bottleneck of the OS's. Can make it more snappy? Have to try it

I have a confession to make.

I haven't used emacs in about 3 weeks and honestly been happy with vim.

I've been using vscodium for the past week. And it's got it's benefits.

Of course the only thing I really miss is native org mode in emacs. The vscodium and vim plugins just aren't the same.

@SneedsterSpeedster SSL is an expiration date on every non free device, you think Y2K was painful?
Wait til every IOT shit in the world brick themselves because some numbers say they're out of date.

The Fediverse has a podcasting platform called @Castopod which has accounts that can be followed from Mastodon etc. People can also comment, like or share individual episodes. More info at:

It has just moved out of alpha testing into beta testing, with a new interface and lots of new features.

Podcasts can also (of course!) be followed through RSS instead, if you prefer.

#CastoPod #Podcasting #Podcasts #Podcast #Fediverse #FediTips #ActivityPub #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #RSS

#linux users will feel this one...

That moment when you get your fresh install just the way you like it but within weeks convince yourself the install is bloated and you want to start over again.

This is my 3rd reinstall in 2022... so far. 100% #archlinux and 100% minimal everything. I actually feel confident this one will stick around. (famous last words)

Compiling things manually without paru or the AUR is really annoying.

Especially when one of the dependencies is the latest version of CUDA.

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