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Linux is the hacker's OS.
Windows is the gamer's OS.
And MacOS is the student's OS.

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Before, we built buildings. Now, we build tech services.

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Imagine if the whole world was designed on base 16 (0-F) instead of base 10 (0-9). (The Sumerians used base 12, which is what clocks use.) How would the world change?

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@TooTankhaMooN And plus it's very likely according to @BrodieOnLinux that they just copied the ToS from somewhere else and just pasted it. It's only for them suing us, not for us suing them. We are free to use Truth Social's code however we wish under the AGPLv3, and if Trump sends us to court, we'll win in the end.
But they could still sue Trump and send him to court anyway, in which they need to update their ToS to reflect on the AGPLv3 to be compliant.

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When I search "gnome 3 fork" on DuckDuckGo, MY FORK comes up. So it seems to me like it's time to get started.
As @10leej suggested, the name will be called Flamingo.
This project is now open for contributors! Learn more here:

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KDE Plasma mobile over the past year has morphed it a fairly stable usable system. I'm impressed πŸ€”

I can recommend a Pinephone now. Just remember if you order anything from pine64 it takes like a month or more to show up πŸ˜†

The fallout from yesterday's #AWS outage is just more validation for me of my decision to resist cloud-connecting all the things.

People were locked out of their own homes, fridges shut off, they couldn't vacuum their living room because these devices are cloud-dependent and the cloud was broken.

Connect everything to the cloud? Most of which is running on servers controlled by a few companies? What could possibly go wrong?

Seriously. Hasn't anyone watched the movie "I, Robot"?

Linux is the hacker's OS.
Windows is the gamer's OS.
And MacOS is the student's OS.

I found this really cool website in Science class:
It's a website against water...

@syscrash @james well what you stated was undisputable fact, not an opinion so it's disqualified.

This is cool. The last bit is the best.
Watch "News report from 1981 about the Internet" on YouTube

@james it's perfectly natural to see things that resemble faces in inanimate objects.

Friendly reminder: While #Codeberg is for everyone, not everyone is on Codeberg.

Tying collaboration to your projects to a platform raises the barrier for fly-by contributors. Whether you are on Codeberg, #GitHub, some #GitLab or #Gitea instances, we always recommend to prominently state multiple contact information, so people can also send bug reports and patches, e.g. via E-Mail.

Here is why Librem 14 and QubesOS work so well together. If you face extreme threats, or even if you are just looking for high-security and peace of mind, it’s hard to beat this combo.

@rob Your profile picture of a reel-to-reel spool tape machine looks like a face to me...

@james @10leej The original compiler was found at the crash site in Roswell, New Mexico. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Before, we built buildings. Now, we build tech services.

@syscrash @10leej But to make those 1s and 0s, you need the source code, and you must compile it with the Gnu C Compiler, which also requires source code, which can also be compiled by itself, which also requires source code, and so on, and so forth.
But what compiler compiled the original GCC, and what compiler compiled that, not to mention how was the very first compiler made? Machine code at the most fundamental level, but not in the way you would necessarily think.


You configure that in the pacman config,

Something like ILovecandy

And this is why I like to compile programs directly from github/lab. The Ubuntu package for Mixxx is basically broken. But the version I compiled works great.

If I hear, bUt ThErEs AlrEaDy A pAcKaGe, I'm going to throw a shoe at you πŸ‘Ÿ


Pinephone is cool

ROC-RK3399-PC is cool. TBH I bought that computer and it has never been booted. I just shelved it for the future. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Software support is really limited. It's truly a "developers" board.

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