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Armageddon poetry 

"Haiku OS has some useful functions that other OSs could really borrow!"

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welp, another one appeared, and I'm off to bed, I'll tackle it tomorrow

I'm down to 1 roadblock to releasing my extension...
Refreshing once upon every bookmark use seems to be misfiring.

I've faced a few minor functionality regressions, but my extension's code is so much easier to understand now.

I'll probably have it released on my GitLab by the end of today.

I'll muck about with the Mozilla add-ons store tomorrow.

So, I took bits from the second one, and modified the third one with it.
I then modified the security policy that it ran by.
And, modern JS is weeiird - because it was JavaScript, it quickly became spaghetti code.
I then refactored, 4 times, with each refactor taking more of the spaghetti code with it.

That's where I am, 98% of the way complete with my new extension: container bookmarks.
The 3rd addon by that name!

If all goes to plan you'll find it at tomorrow.


I use Librewolf, a fork of Firefox.
I also heavily use container tabs, with the temp-containers extension installed.

The problem is, it's tedious to actually manage persistent tabs in containers.

So, I set out to fix that. First I searched and found 3 extensions that all attempted this.
The first overrides the bookmark creation process in a bad way.
The second didn't really function, but had useful code-bits.
And the third almost did what I wanted. Only in a poor way


You market a makerspace in the ways that you can *only* market a makerspace.

You laser cut wooden signs, you make vinyl stickers, you 3D print intricate little doodads and leave them around town. You make clay sculptures. You record jingles and videos.

You run a website, and a video sharing page and a social network, and you Live Your Values out loud and in the streets.

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Just started using the TUI mastodon client: tut, it's pretty cool!

Images, though... They aren't exactly fun... Maybe that's an excuse for me to finally try emacs :rofl:.

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