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appena ricevuto il più bel messaggio da quando abbiamo lanciato peertube.uno:

"ciao, complimenti, ho visto il video (di Repubblica), siete la versione open degli avengers, mi sento protetto da voi :D"

grazie quindi a tutti gli avengers che hanno contribuito al video documentario:

@quinta @filippodb @lealternative @fffitalia @devol

per chi non l'avesse ancora visto:


#rebubblica #avengers #bigtech #degooglizzazione #devol #mastodon #peertube #opensource

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Interessante video di @chrisweredigital sullo spreco di risorse nel web e l'impossibilità di competere con le multinazionali finchè puntiamo all' "illimitato"

Should I be filming at 480p?

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I wrote a very fragile script to interleave people's #gemini micro-logs.

Post about it:

Post about it on the shitty old big clunky web:

And what it looks like:

If you use GNU Pass as manager (and you should...), you may be interested in the simple but complete dmenu gui that I just written. It's name is .
You can find it on GitLab gitlab.com/fnt400/redpass or download it at gitlab.com/fnt400/redpass/-/ar , and naturally on my capsule at

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New stuff on my capsule gemini://gemini.barca.mi.it :
An italian tv guide (for those who give a damn) and a gemini page with links of all gemini pages about gemini (gemini cubed!).

I just started a gemlog (blog on gemini) about and strange technologies in general in my capsule.
Give it a look, if you want.

Here's the link:

If you still can't reach the small internet, here's the web proxy:

The first article is about the Canon Cat. Does anybody remember it?

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If you have just set up your own gemini capsule you can also send medusae.space an email to get added to the directory so others will start discover you.

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After the @hexdsl, @derek and @chriswere videos I confess that I fell in love with .
That's my new capsule (still under construction)
I hope you enjoy it!

If you are always searching for a unbloated foss browser like I am, 2.0 has been released. It solves the adblocker problem, implementing the brave browser adblocker. It's not bad at all.

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I've found out why I can't see DT on the mastodon instance I'm on, it's because the admin's don't like him. Time to move

@BrodieOnLinux hey Brodie! Why I can't follow you on distrotoot instance? On another instance I follow you without problems...

Hello everybody! I watch all youtube videos (also @derek ones 👍 ) with the youtube rss feed, newsboat and mpv (with youtube-dl). I would like to switch to lbry.
Mpv plays the lbry video links, but I can't find any rss feed in the user pages. Do you know where can I find them?


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