Finally deleted my account after moving to a few weeks back. No qualms whatsoever with bitwarden, don't know why I didn't move/delete earlier!

Having issues occasionally where randomly goes to 100% CPU and freezes the desktop. Can still ssh in (that's how I know it's xorg, at least, that's what top says) but I can't seem to kill it easily so manually reboot. Anyone have any ideas, or ideas on how to diagnose?

Been thinking for months about investing in stock market, putting it off and off... Now I wish I hadn't 🤣

So following @zykotick9 's suggestion...

Have an issue with my Nvidia 2070 with the nvidia drivers on only detecting my 4k TV as a 1080 screen. Any thoughts?

What should I watch when doing some ground truthing... It's boring as anything.

Any recommendations on Linux Email clients?

Note: I'm not interested in thunderbird or emacs.

If I move away from using gmail, what are my best alternatives? Should I set up my own mail server? Or find another place to host?

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I spent days trying to find a distribution for my old rusty laptop that simply cannot run the proprietary poo that is Windows 10.

I briefly settled for openSUSE (like on my main machine), but then I saw @derek talking about AntiX in his video, so I installed it. I absolutely love it, I feel like my laptop can live a few more years at least. The laptop is like 10 years old.

Also, I feel like I don't need to install any proprietary junk on my laptop. Huzzah. If only I needn't use MS Teams...

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Hello all...

I am grateful that Derek has set this up. Hopefully, we can all help each other and enhance our Linux lives.

I have been using Linux since 2014 full time. Started with Ubuntu and currently using Arch / i3.

Would be interested in what you all are using.


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There may be some minor downtime in the next few minutes. I'm playing with nginx configuration on this server, which requires me to restart nginx.

I'm trying to convert some script into script, but I'm having difficulties figuring out what this means. Any ideas?


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This is the first time I'll attempt something like this, what would be the best possible upgrades for my #oldComputer system? how do I figure that out? #askthefediverse

Motherboard: Gygabyte GA-P55-USB3
CPU: Intel i7 860 (8) @ 2.794GHz
GPU: AMD ATI Radeon HD 7970/8970 / R9 280X
Memory: 16GB

Pointers and boosts appreciated

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Hey everyone, first Time using Mastodon.
Testing the Android app Tusky (this was sent using it)

P.S. I like the profile metadata idea

As per suggestion from @zenobit's post earlier:
I'm a currently in Australia, I work mostly with , for backend stuff and for

What's the app of choice? Preferably one that can handle multiple instances (although I only have this one so far...)

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Greeting, Software engineer from Hilversum Netherlands. Interest (random order):
- SF
- AI
- Embedded software
- Game Development
- Tinkering with hardware
- open source / liberty

For those users out there that love the language, but want a scripting language for whatever reason, I came across this the other day:

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