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Every time I visit Mastadon I see something that makes me say “yup, that's why I don't visit Mastodon that much. Crazy shit."

Really loving MX Linux. Still miss the AUR. I’ve compiled more apps from source in the last week than I ever have before.

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Only 11:30 and I’m already ready for a nap.

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Krusader may be my favorite app I've found this year. So good.

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I see how it is @rootbsd doesnt like me enough to share his tunes with me.

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@joeligj12 @drmdub
I just came to this conclusion, how do these people even have time, no matter what time i open it same 10 people dominate it.

There’s just as much weird shit on Mastadon as there is on Twitter. The federated timeline is full of shit.

Does anyone know an easier way to do timestamps than just watch the video and write them down?

In the tweetdeck like layout for mastadon, is there a way to add more than three columns?

Who are your favorite follows here on Mastadon. Most of the influencers I've followed are pretty inactive.

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I just watched this video by @drmdub on the news that is planning on making their own Desktop Environment

I think Matt does a good job in this video summarizing the news and I largely agree with his thinking and conclusions.

Okay, posting from Tut. Kind of cool doing this in vim of all things. Not that this is intuitive at all.

Gah, that tut cli app added a go directory to my home directory. WHAT IS THIS??? SNAP VERSION 2.0?

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