Do you know how to change the keyboard size on PinePhone (Phosh)? I've changed the size of buttons but the keyboard is still using ~30% of the screen.

@nirucon intersting... Just tried again and it worked. But a few weeks ago it didn't. Good news 🙂 I don't need to run Chats in background anymore.

@nirucon did you try to send and receive SMS? My Mobian doesn't show any notification of received SMS if Chats is not running. If Chats is running, everything is ok.

One more poll...

Full Disk Encryption.

I, personally, use FDE (lvm on luks configuration) with nonencrypted boot partition on a usb flash drive.

Feel free to share your opinion in comments.

@retroedgetech I have a separate container for Google web apps. So I never login to Google in my main browser. (I'm also running Skype for Web is in another container). I was thinking about VMs but VMs consume too much resources.

Just out of curiosity do you run browsers in a container, virtual machine or use Linux Namespaces?

I use containers on NixOS and Namespaces on Debian because some websites scan ports on localhost and some apps, which listen to local host, don't ask user/password by default when connection is from lo to lo interface.

@louis I forward all DNS requests to Tor. Not sure if it's a good idea but at least i can open normal sites and .onion sites transparently. All .onion sites are forwarded to the Tor proxy automatically.

@rav3ndust hm, not bad. Maybe i should try PineTime. Pine64 makes interesting devices.

@falconjon Do autocomplete and refactoring work in Emacs? I'm thinking about switching to doom emacs. It has Normal mode... maybe will try it.

What Haskell IDE do you use?

I use Vim+Coc.vim+haskell-language-server. It's good enough but I want to try something new.

@prismavoid NixOS on my main machine and Debian/Armbian on my home servers.

@avongil F-Droid has almost all apps I need, but I also used Aurora Store to download and install some apps from the google store.

@removeareef Java. I'm learning Haskell now. 20 years ago used C and Assembler for x86.

@ironshellfish Aaa, It's amazing. I tried Laksa when I was in Singapore 2 years ago.

@avongil Agree, android is very polished. I used LineageOS without Google services on my previous phone (Xiaomi Mi Max 3). 99% of apps didn't have any problems. To restrict proprietary apps I used Magisk+XPrivacyLua.
I tied to install microG but the phone started hanging quite often. So decided to remove it. I went for the pine because the most of new android phone are not supported by lineage os or other aosp based roms. Locked bootloaders is a big problem.

@avongil I bought PinePhone. Using moian (debian based rom). It's interesting but it is still not ready for everyday use.

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