Do you know how to change the keyboard size on PinePhone (Phosh)? I've changed the size of buttons but the keyboard is still using ~30% of the screen.

One more poll...

Full Disk Encryption.

I, personally, use FDE (lvm on luks configuration) with nonencrypted boot partition on a usb flash drive.

Feel free to share your opinion in comments.

Just out of curiosity do you run browsers in a container, virtual machine or use Linux Namespaces?

I use containers on NixOS and Namespaces on Debian because some websites scan ports on localhost and some apps, which listen to local host, don't ask user/password by default when connection is from lo to lo interface.

What Haskell IDE do you use?

I use Vim+Coc.vim+haskell-language-server. It's good enough but I want to try something new.


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