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An interesting exposè plugin for i3, for those of you interested in trying it.

Testing a new emoji. We really need a Haskell emoji! :haskell:

Just posted this on my YouTube community tab ( ). Thought I'd share it here:

"After four days of being open for business, we are approaching 1,000 users over on For those of you looking for a friendly Mastodon instance that is mostly populated with Linux and FOSS nerds, check it out! If you decide to signup, do review the rules. And above all else, be respectful to others."

Linux is finally running on the M1 Macs. I know the the guys that work at the Linux Foundation must be very happy. 😜

I plan to make a video today checking out a window manager that people have been asking me about forever. Since so many people were asking about it, I assumed this thing would be great. So far it ain't. Stay tuned for more. 😜

@derek Can i kindly ask for add :fsf: emoji?
I wonder why isn't already there

OK, I'm done playing with Nginx configuration. Everything went smoothly with the help of StackOverflow and some copy-paste skills.

There may be some minor downtime in the next few minutes. I'm playing with nginx configuration on this server, which requires me to restart nginx.

I’m glad to see Derek have his own Mastodon instance. Hope to meet awesome folk here and learn new FOSS stuff.

We allowed to talk about video games here?

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