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@nixfu Actually, ignore my last message....well not the UnsafeStdinReader part. But the xdotool part. What you want to do is <action = `alacritty -e top> to open a top inside your terminal. when a widget is clicked.

@nixfu Check my xmobar configs in my dotfiles repo on my GitLab. Workspaces are clickables by using UnsafeStdinReader rather than the usual StdinReader. For the widgets you could use xdotool. For example, I could do this to my disku widget:
<action=`xdotool key super+Return`>%disku%</action>

This tells xmobar that when I click on the disk usage widget, it's the same as hitting super+Return (which is just an example).

@10leej You will never gain "leet" status. DT's OS will be a complete game changer. ;)

I have 0 interest in dt OS, just thought I'd share @derek

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