@derek is so effective and efficient! saved my hind! kdenlive, natron, pitivi, olive kept crashing or delivering poor results. blender simply, "so, you want to cut film?"

@derek may i rip your episodes to peertube randomly?

@derek The little things turn me away from using Blender for video editing, I will just keep using shotcut.

@derek if you are gonna use blender for video editing, you might as well do it with tools that will improve your experience overall. Namely Blender Power Sequencer plugin made by folks over at GDQuest. Also bpsrender script that uses ffmpeg to render videos faster using all cores, as well as bpsproxy which renders proxies to make editing smoother.

@derek also as far as video editing on Linux goes, why not give a try to shotcut?

@derek Here's something that might help: When doing fine manipulation in Blender, holding down the [Shift] key will slow things down, so you can fine-tune things like clip position on the timeline.

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