Hey, DT! Linux Support Isn't Mentioned On The Box. (Yes, It Is!)

@derek Hey DT! What Linus means is that he's so used to Windows and MacOS having stickers such as "Designed for Windows" or "AirPrint Compatible", but there's no sticker for a Linux Tux or distro-specific stickers, such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora or Arch Linux (even if in the AUR), let alone an Open Source sticker with a logo for the Open Source Initiative.
So while it is on the box, it's usually hidden in the fine print, which most people don't look at.

@derek I've tried veganism for a week. It was an interesting experience. I prefer having a balance between my meals. I recommend getting books on the NASAM and ACE test to get some experience on personal training. Books on nutrition will give you an idea on staying healthy.

@derek Blender 3D does video editing, satisfies basic needs in my experience. Any opinions?

@derek Hey, DT! that BALD BY CHOICE t-shirt rocks! been wanting to ask this for a while, i see some Buddhism statue and some older t-shirts. do you shave your head due to a personal belief or philosophy? back when i practiced martial arts we had to shave our head.

@derek Hey DT! is LBRY/Odysee actually decentralized? Doesn't seem to be any alternative clients or instances like with matrix or peertube.
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