@derek I've been working on @tenacity since the very start. I didn't contribute to much except some of the documentation in its early days as well as a patch for tenacityaudio.org.
I would also recommend you try learning a little bit about Sourcehut, which is 's favorite software forge: sourcehut.org


Hmm. Didn't know that Audacity got sold. Didn't think that could happen with FOSS, but then, I didn't follow what was going on with it. - But it seems the same sort of thing happened with Open Office. :blobcatgooglytrash:

@randynose Sort of like that. The company that bought it started doing questionable things with it and also restricted its use for those under 13, which is against the FOSS license it uses. They really screwed the pooch on it. Because of that, these forks came out. If you notice, most distributions only include the version of Audacity before those change were implemented, or they may have removed those changes when creating the packages.

@randynose @derek @claudiom

Which led to LibreOffice and effectively the end of OpenOffice.

BTW Note that the issue isn't about sales per se but about what buyers try to do subsequently. In the cases of both OpenOffice and Audacity, the buyers overreached. If an entity buys FOSS, it's usually buying just the goodwill associated with the original name. It's arguably stupid to offer the community a raised middle finger.

@derek If one's editing needs are basic, mhWaveEdit is decent. It's in the Debian repo. Don't know about other distros.

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