@derek Python, Node, Ruby, etc... Thumbing your nose up at any of these interpreted languages has always been a common hipster thing to do. The ubiquitous nature of Python today reminds me of another interpreted language I grew up with called BASIC, which hipsters also cannot resist dunking on. Python's kitchen sink approach to programming has it's issues, but it's still awesome. C is my native tongue, but I have nothing but respect and admiration for Python.

@derek I’m so glad you made this video. I’m a professional data analyst, and I use Python every single day. Libraries like NumPy and SciPy can help with the speed of number crunching, so I truly don’t understand the hate for such a beautiful and versatile language.

I think, that python is great for datascience, gui or as an extension language.
I personaly woudn't use it for a big project anymore. For that I think that a language with a type system would be better.
But what annoys me are cli tools written in python. Python takes a bit of time just to start, load the runtime, load the libraries and so on. Like youtube-dl/yt-dlp, which mpv calls when I want to watch online videos. It's painfully slow.

@derek Hi DT, video The Python hate has to stop! has wrong subtitles on youtube. Can you check if it is bug from your side or youtube api. Thanks.

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