@derek While I agree that working with the GNOME guys can be difficult, I think you misunderstand the way the GNOME ecosystem works.

You mentioned the core point at 8:20: GNOME is its own project.

Think for a moment of the GNOME project like you would of MacOS. MacOS (and all its libraries/paradigms/etc) don't play well with others, but that doesn't matter. It plays well with itself and that's the point of the GNOME (and gtk and adwaita) ecosystem.

@derek And as to the point you mentioned at the end, that GNOME is holding the Linux desktop back, I'd like to kindly disagree too.

I'm massively hyped for GTK4 + libadwaita. This not only continues to make Desktop app dev a breeze, but also opens the door for mobile Linux, in which GNOME is a major driving force.

@derek Yes, you are forced to think like GNOME does when you use it or develop for it.

It's like Android development. If you lean into the official tooling, you can't have it all your way. But the tooling lets you make apps efficiently and in a way that will feel familiar to a user.

You can still use your own framework of course(just as with GNOME), with all the drawbacks and advantages you have.

@tobtobxx maybe cool off a little, I mean, does @derek even respond here? On my side it looks like he only crossposts the video links to fedi, but I might not have all data

😅 Ok, yeah, I got a bit upset. Sorry for that.

I don't know if he responds, but IIRC he mentioned using masto a while back...


@derek Windows users will feel right at home with KDE because Windows 11 ripped off KDE

@derek Bryan Lunduke had a point when he kept making those "Linux sucks" talks and while some of his points were addressed, others became soyware trash. The only thing that linux still has going for it, is the freedom. Let's hope that will remain.

@derek Wow... You spoke about how Gnome abandoned everything about version 2, but you did not once mention MATE? Kinda relevant, don't you think?

And while I agree that KDE is very pretty, and highly configurable, it tends to be a little... big.

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