@derek I have been using emacs for 5 years and only some time of that I was using the server-client way, with my config it wasnt loading some gui-only options i enable. How I do it is I spawn additional frames from a emacs (not emacsdaemon) session if I need to.

@derek Nice vid! Thanks Derek.

So I guess I should give Emacs a try... :) But the question is: do I *need* Emacs? 🤔 (not a troll)
Anyway I know how *not* to launch Emacs now 👍

Alternate link to your video (for those who wish to avoid YouTube at all cost): yewtu.be/watch?v=s0ed8Da3mjE
(btw why are you routing people to YT?... Since you don't monetize your videos. To reach more people / get more comments?... Just wondering)

@Obelux @derek probably because more views on YT means more exposure on YT

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