@derek I am biased, as refurbishing computers is how I make money. Some of your arguments here I agree with, strongly. Some... not so much. Computers really don't use that much energy compared to other things we use daily (clothes dryers and automobiles).

I also don't think that saving the environment is something that can be quantified. It's more of a way to find a religious group to belong to and a new liturgy to go through the motions of (here's how we separate our recyclables).

Still 👍

@derek Linux would save the planet if everyone used it everywhere or Linux would be a hose basket like in this video

@derek It doesn't matter if it's 3 years or 30 years. Computers are still destined to eventually be e-waste. That difference is miniscule when considering things on a geological time scale. Nobody is saving the environment by using Linux. You're saving your soul by using Linux.

@rob @derek saying that is like saying "it's useless that we as a society evolve because we're all gonna die some day". Of course computers will eventually go to the trash, but increasing their lifespan is still quite useful to decease e-waste in time.

@gianmarcogg03 @derek Not at all. My point is that I don't believe Linux has the ecological impact that DT is pointing out. But if that's the reason you use Linux, then I would say it's a net positive.

It does matter a lot: the rate at which we emit GHGs and generate pollution is everything.
Nature can probably cope with people emitting around 2 tCO2e per year, now most westerners emit 10+.
Reducing our impact by 10 on all front (like in your 3 to 30 years example) would make a world of difference.
Though it still does not mean that installing Linux would save the planet (it won't)... Closing all coal plants would be a much better step forward ;)

Too many superheroes saving the planet on a daily basis these days. "Westerners" can stop breathing completely (and die, of course), but even that never will "make a world of difference" while China exists 🤣
@rob @derek

@VikingKong @rob @derek but if they do that, who will buy all the things China is producing right now? You know, these manufactures that require 2/3rd of its energy production.

Btw, dear readers, don't stop breathing just yet, and don't leave it to the superheroes

Just for your knowledge there are not only West and China in this world.
@rob @derek

@silmathoron @derek An older computer that continues to remain in use will continue to increase it's carbon footprint simply by the power it's consuming and usually that rate of increase will be significantly more compared to something newer. Sometimes, keeping them out of the landfill ends up costing the environment more than keeping them running.

@rob @derek that is very unlikely unless your energy mix is really coal based, otherwise the main footprint of electronic devices by far is manufacturing and (except maybe with the new M1) energy efficiency of the devices has not improved enough to make a major difference unless your device is really running 24/7 and is idle most of the time (and in that case I'd say your using it wrong ;D)

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