@derek maybe it's worth considering a second GPU to pass through to VMs?

@10leej @derek you don't need 2 GPUs these days but it is a pain to setup

@nonetrix @derek That's why you get a 2nd gpu if you only using vms for distro reviews

@10leej @derek GPUs are just computers they have cores etc SR-IOV let's you allocate some of your GPU to a VM just like a CPU, but unfortunately Nvidia and AMD want you to get a 1000000$ GPU to use it
@10leej @derek GPUs are really just specialized computers, one person even wrote a RISC-V emulator in a shader that runs Linux

@nonetrix @derek In all honestly if your only spinning up a GPU for a distro review where you pass said GPU through to it then it's easier just to use a second one.
I'm aware of several way to passthrough and extend a single GPU with VFIO, but DT uses the virtmanager gui for his VM's, which is why I recommended a second GPU

@10leej @derek VMWare is propriety so most likely he would not be interested in it but, it basically has a driver that acts as a middle man and passes OpenGL/Vulkan calls to the host

@nonetrix @derek Well no, but DT is actively using the host system for the OBS-Studio recordings too, so ESXi wouldn;t work either.

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