@derek My RGB keyboard lights work in Linux 👍 great video!

@rootbsd @derek is that a banjo playing quietly in the background?🪕🪕🪕

@derek but I don't understand why until now, there is no central database for supported hardware available. The developer of the drivers are targeting chipsets and other hardware. They KNOW what are they supporting with their drivers. Why do we not have a centralized database? Why should any linux-user be a alpha-compatibility-tester? #linux

@derek If anyone is looking for it, I'm using Dygma Raise keyboard [60% split mechaniocal]. Their software is opensource (GPL) and is built for Windows 10, MacOS, and Ubuntu LTS github.com/Dygmalab/Bazecor

@derek Linux supports - I think - every hardware. And if not, it's not the fault of Linux, but your fault because you bought a Hardware-piece which is only working on Micro$oft Window$

@derek Hey DT, you should make a video about ditching youtube and other alternatives.

@derek I need to watch the video but my initial reaction is whoever this is about has bought the wrong hardware. No tux no bucks.

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