@derek guys please try too even it's centralized and is better but is free speech respecting, also rumble has google ads on it so monetization it's fairly the same. is exploding in audience right now and will grow even further so you guys should check it out and be on the wave 🌊

@TooTankhaMooN @derek The talking heads say Rumble is a far right platform. Do you find this to be accurate?

@syscrash @derek who cares man if you can say what ever your brain can produce except real nasty stuff it doesn't matter. And they pay quite good. All it matters is that respects content creators rights

@syscrash @derek for example youtube for me is far left so i still check it out 50%-50%

@TooTankhaMooN @derek I understand. I have a very low tolerance for extremism of any ilk.

@syscrash @TooTankhaMooN @derek All the conservatives that got kicked off of mainstream platforms moved there. There are not far right just normal right mostly. The Demorats just are using all their money and power because they hate competition and it kinda gets in the ways of them, the Tech Giants and the CCP from dominating the west.

@syscrash @TooTankhaMooN @derek America is done. We're in decline, its a banana republic here until the new World Government is established. Forget all the politics lets just get our message out!

@rootbsd @syscrash no it's not done don't jump into conclusion that fast, there is hope

@TooTankhaMooN @syscrash You don't live here. You don't see what I see everyday. The average person is too careless and or stupid to get it and it's only getting worst. More and more I see young people that can't even figure out their own gender anymore. In a Biblical sense, God has every right to allow our enemies to conquer us and humble us.

Gender is a made up construct invented by far left. The normal word for it always has been "sex".
@TooTankhaMooN @syscrash

@TooTankhaMooN @syscrash I've been monitoring this situation for about a decade and it's miracle were all not in gulags by now. They already built them all for the free-thinkers and non-conformist. And all the guillotines are purchased and stockpiled too. The other side is ready.

@syscrash @TooTankhaMooN There called FEMA camps. Knowing these people guillotines are the mild side of their activities. There is also something called the Black Awakening. But, I'm retired from the conspiracy stuff. I don't care to convince anybody of anything.

@rootbsd @syscrash yeah bro the intoxication with rear ends agenda is huge but they can't defeat a man who trust in God it simply can't. It's like you try to label a thing as sugar when in fact it's salt. You don't have to change the world bro you just navigate this swirling waters with all your forces the other help will come straight from God. Don't look at the numbers look at the quality it's like Windows vs OBSD few runs it but those who use it they are protected 🙏

@TooTankhaMooN @syscrash Yeah, when Babylon came to sack Jerusalem and take away the captives, they didn't touch the prophet Jeremiah. He just spent to rest of his days living in the ruins...

@rootbsd you make more than 20 armies do cos you earn your living fair and square and even if you don't know you are an inspiration first for your kids and for those who surrounds you. Huge impact 💪

@TooTankhaMooN @syscrash You're right. I have to be positive. This is why I can't even look at the news anymore. Any of it! Even the conservative stuff...

@syscrash @TooTankhaMooN @rootbsd One of my close friend well she is french. I know her for years and years got banned from Facebook and her account completely gone because she was being constantly being harassed by south asians and arab spam accounts sending her dick pics so she said something to them in public and bam! she was perma banned for racism..

@syscrash @TooTankhaMooN @rootbsd then same now from linkedin she was constantly being reported by feminists they don't even tolerate a single tame joke about them.. now she is on twitter.

@syscrash @TooTankhaMooN @rootbsd On all mainstream social media sites the bots ban you for ridiculous reasons and suspends your account and all the investment you did on them gone and then you have to beg to the overlords to reinstate your accounts.

@safiuddinkhan @syscrash @TooTankhaMooN Not me! My channel is syncing with odysee rn and I got an account on @splitshockvirus peertube instance.

@rootbsd I love to bring her here but she is not very good with computers she is very bad when it comes to technology.... lol

@TooTankhaMooN @derek peertube! And self hosted! Happy to promote the instance, just send me the link ;)

@derek Nick from Linux Experiment told in a previous video he had some problems with his discord server and he got into a heated debate with discord admin and it's a high chance that guy+his discord followers reported his channel who knows for what and maybe that's why he got cancelled

@derek But it can also reinstate them: The Linux Experiment channel is running again.

@derek poor guy... his videos were good liked liked his channel. single mistake and you are all fucked up..

@derek that is have a Monopoly works. They can do whatever they like and they do not answer to anyone.

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