@derek It's definitely not sunshine and rainbows. Trying to theme KDE and make it look decent is... challenging. Better than Windows, in every aspect, especially Manjaro - it even detected my printer and installed drivers instantly upon first plugging it in, unlike Windows where I had headaches installing drivers - which is the perfect distro in my opinion. But Windows has - although very very few - its upsides, even a broken clock is right twice a day

@derek I've seen that Lunduke video and he definitely knows to skillfully advocate an idea but i think he is far from being even 10% right. Linux is like electric power always will be needed the shape and form yes can vary but the essence the principle will go forward till the end of computing itself.

@TooTankhaMooN @derek true that is what i thought about it...he is too alarmist that the sky is falling apart.

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