Seems the fork already initiated:


At the time of writing this, it has 1.1k stars and the devs are looking for name, although trolls have been super duper active in ruining the discussions (I already reported some abusive account that were created today!)


@derek There is another fork called audiocity. It is in the AUR. Planning to test it today or tomorrow. The project is looking for maintainers.

@jsrst @derek Not crazy about the name. Audiocity sounds too much like the name of a big box electronics store that sells crappy stereo equipment.

@derek Come on DT. Is it "calm your fears", or is it actually "calm your tits"?

@derek i was wondering when you were gonna make a video about it.

@derek Apparently there already is a fork of the project called "Sneedacity" floating on github. Then there are alternatives such as ardour, though that one seems to have some learning curve to it.

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