@derek This is a bad take. Don't blame the word processor for all the deficiencies you've pointed out. Blame the way it's being used. When I'm composing in a word processor, I have all my styles pre-defined. I'm never concerned about the the body text, or the heading text, or any other attributes. All I really do is organize my sections and write.

@derek Listening to the way you talk about leaving markers and complaining how word processors don't give you a way to do that illustrates the problem that you don't know how to use styles. That's exactly the problem styles in all word processing programs are meant to solve.

@derek unrelated to video, but why do you post your Youtube links and not lbry/odysee?

@Locksmith @derek because he lets lbry update the videos from YouTube, so they are uploaded at a later time.

@derek IMHO you should write everything in LaTeX that way for those that are text challenged can use a WYSIWYG LaTeX editor. There are several out there for all platforms. I agree we certainly need to get away from all these stupid binary and proprietary formats if for no other reason that to be able to properly share documents with each other. At work I write my docs in LaTeX and covert them to pdf for those folks trapped in windows land.

@codingcowboy @derek

I've been meaning to learn Latex, never got around to it.

Do you know some good resources to learn it ?

@codingcowboy I use LaTeX all the time for scientific/mathematic word creation, but its WYSIWYG nature has some serious limits in terms of graphic layout and styling. It is a good choice, but not a universally applicable one.

@codingcowboy i usually do the same but with Markdown, I haven't yet taken my time to also learn LaTeX, also MD seema faster to type

I wouldn't say they are evil but they just get in the way for me too much.

I personally like a plain text editor with markdown support and then just converting to pdf.

I only use them at work because other people only know Word and sometimes you have to collaborate on a document.

@derek i agree with DT. I don't see any reason for a word processor. Txt is enough and after that you can convert it in whatever you want

@derek Hey -- I just discovered Org mode on Emacs and, just for grins, I created an HTML file straight outta Org mode. After a little tweaking, I got it to comply with W3C standards. Then I decided to take things one step further and try to make a gemlog (Gemini journal) entry out of it. While I was able to post it (as plain text), some of the gemlog didn't quite appear right. My thinking is that the Emacs developers might have a little work to do in order to support the new Gemini protocol.

@drdelle @derek I don't know what you mean!? I had no idea that plugin existed! I can't find it in either apt or snap -- is it built right into emacs?

@drdelle @derek An update: I found ox-gemini and installed it from MELPA. But it doesn't seem to work for me... When I type Ctrl-C, Ctrl-E to get into the Org mode export menu, I see no option to export to a gemini file; and pressing G just causes the computer to beep at me, and Emacs says "Invalid key" at the bottom. What am I doing wrong?

@RobinHood2021 @derek Hmm, I evaluated ox-gemini by hand. After that I have an export option gemini and exporting to a buffer works on a trivial example file. did you require ox-gemini ?

@drdelle @derek No, I'm afraid I don't have that little command as part of my .emacs file. It didn't seem to make any difference whether I included the line or not. Or does it only work with certain versions of Emacs?

@RobinHood2021 @derek
For me it works after adding

(use-package ox-gemini
:ensure t
:after ox)

to me init.el

@RobinHood2021 I assume you use
(use-package org ...) to load and configure org. May be the sequence is relevant.
All I do is:
(use-package org
;; stuff for org
(use-package ox-gemini
:ensure t
:after ox)

That's all I do to have gemini appear in my export menu.
If that does not work for you, I'm out of ideas. Trying the maillist for org is the best option then!

@drdelle Wait... I think I got it. I tried putting (require 'ox-gemini) in init.el and it seems to work. Will create some more .org files and see if I can export them in the same way.

@derek this is true i also agree with dt... Word processors are quite inconsistant. Markdown, Latex, groff/troff are way better options.

@derek I mostly agree with the sentiment as a long-time Emacs/Org user and a person who stubbornly chooses to keep all of my notes in Markdown. However, there are reasons for WYSIWYG applications in graphic design. Separation of content and styling is not always beneficial. So I think a bit of nuance on this area is warranted.

@derek I'm learning LaTeX and Markdown with practice, it's really more intuitive and faster than a heavy word processor.

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