@derek don't know for sure as i'm not using ssh but you could allow ssh only out for example # ufw allow out ssh. This way is more secure as when you do allow without out argument will practically open your ssh port for everybody. Specifying an ip address would be better. But the best would be # ufw insert 1 allow out on <eth0> proto tcp from <local ip range> port <local:port range> to <destination ip range> port <destination:port range>. On the server side yes you have to allow ssh in/out

@derek This is a good video. I know a few people I'm going to have watch it that might enjoy it

@derek Are new viewers to the channel "What talkin about? What do you mean SSH?"
I don't believe you. I think everyone watching your content knows exactly what SSH is and what to use it for. If they are asking, they're just playing dumb for whatever reason for a laugh.

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