@derek I personally prefer the Thinkpad Trackpoint, but the ball mouse is a close second.
@derek Seems nice and ergonomic. It would be a bit tricky to change mice for gaming though

@andrath @derek agree ! That's why we have ergodox where you can change the layer and use the keyboard as a mouse :-). There is always a situation where you'd need your mouse ...

@dammn @derek hence avoid, not dismiss. A mouse is still nice for gaming.

@derek very good choice ! Been using this (wireless version) for last 2 years. Never has any issues with the wireless and I changed batteries only once. And my wrists are thanking me every day ! :-)

@derek hey DT! Just watched this video. With your concern about RSI. I was wondering if you had seen this great technology. It is called tiling window manager. No need for a mouse the software handles placement for you. Check out Xmonad I hear it is great! ;) I could not resist! Thanks and keep up the good work!

@derek I picked up this same trackball after my right wrist started to get painful. Still prefer a mouse but the trackball is noticeably easier on the wrists and I only really miss the mouse for certain tasks I don't do as often

@derek I use the XKeys CST2545-5W. When they are available you can get them on Amazon but here is their direct page
It's hard to get these since they are made here in the US and they sell out quickly.

@codingcowboy wow .. that's something ! $150 for damn mouse. People do not know where the limits are in these days when it comes to prices.

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