"Hey, DT! I Want A Distro In Between Ubuntu and Arch." (And Other Questions)

@derek Speaking of
Audacity, I can't help but notice that the main Arch repos still only have a package for version 2.4.1 built over a year ago.

@derek RPM based distros excluding Opensuse also have an AUR type repo it's called Copr. It's not as big as AUR but it exists. I used to install packages from Copr when I used to be on Fedora.

@derek about modern music, I feel you, but I must say... it's not all bad. it's very different, most of the time, but a lot of it is still great. I don't know what they play in american radio but at least here in germany they still play a lot of old songs :)

@derek are you going to make a DT bootstrap installer with your dotfiles as you mention a couple of weeks ago?

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