Life Without The Internet? It's Actually BETTER! (Boomer Rant)

@derek I wouldn't say life is "better without the Internet." I think the problem is more that modern life optimizes for a particular kind of personality, the stereotypical educated millennial, and doesn't provide, the way it used to, for people who aren't computer-savvy and don't use social media.

We fell for the marketing gimmicks saying technology would set us free, and now both the boomers and the tech nerds are unhappy because they have to compromise with one another.

@swashberry @derek the first paragraph is so true it hurts. The only wy the internet improved my life is that I can download movies and TV (and books and music) - _old_ media tat existed before the internet. This is _nothing_ campared to how some other demographic's lives was improved.

Having said that, we do have a lot of genuinely useful technology that we wouldn't have had if the Information Age didn't get kick-started the way it did, and the capacity for information to spread as quickly and freely as possible brings a lot of benefit to the smooth running of society. It's the exclusion and neglect of everything else that's caused such a problem in the developed world.

@swashberry @derek "Educated" millennial? You mean "Indoctrinated" millennial.

@derek Back in the 90's, while I wasn't connected to the internet 100% of the time when my computer was turned on, I did have a dedicated data line which ment I still was able to receive phonecalls when I was online.

@derek I feel that 99.99% of the use cases for being "always online" are solutions looking for problems.

@derek a lot can be said for turning your phone off and leaving it charging in another room.

@derek life is like it is right now and it's not going to change back. Thank you for spreading the message though. o7

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