@derek I want to see *this*! Are you going to sing? 🎼

@gmate8 @derek I like the concept behind peertube, but it's hard to find much to watch since there are a lot of political and rather questionable videos even on so called safe for work instances. If there were better filters to filter that stuff out and more gaming content I'd use it more but that's not the case hence lbry is better in my view.

@gmate8 @derek I've tried both PeerTube and Odysee. Odysee is the better platform by far. No contest.

@rob @derek Only because of content. They are the same as YouTube. Using artificial intelligence to recommend posts and tracking you with ads and Google stuff.

@rob @derek but the little ad javascript still runs on it. Do you want any proof?

@derek Gemini is awesome. You can host your own gemini capsule on so many servers (rawtext.club, flounder.online, pollux.casa, tilde.pink, tilde.cafe, unbon.cafe, gmi.si3t.ch...). The less techy guys will love the flounder option. (which will offer an online interface to manage your posts). For sourcehut, it is currently available at no cost as a public alpha and last notification I received they were planning on requiring subscription to a paid plan on June to use their service.

@derek personally, I prefer Odysee, but I'm wondering which alternative platform you were hinting about at the end of the video? Which one are you on that YouTube doesn't want you to mention?

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