Ubuntu has PPAs and therefore no need for an AUR.

@nanook would be nice if they didn't suck so much though.

@10leej What aspect do you find sucks? PPA's have worked fine for me. One of the reasons I left Fedora in favor of Ubuntu.

@nanook ppas depreciate get abandoned, on LTS's some even stop development entire when the first point release comes around.
The big advantage the aur has in comparison is that you not maintaining a package for the air. You just maintaining a text file.

@10leej But then everything that has to be installed has to be built, and while that's fine for you or I, not so much for your average end user.

@nanook not always. A lot of air PKGBUILDS actually grab existing .Deb or .rpm binaries unexpected them grab dependencies are repacked to the arch tarball and install.

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