@derek I'm dying to make the switch over from i3, but I'm afraid of killing my productivity during the ramp-up time.

@willricketts @derek When I switched from i3 to dwm, I made a test user for my off days just to test workflow. I'd log into my production account with i3, and my test user for dwm.

@SplitShockVirus @derek Hey that's not a bad idea at all. I'm running Regolith (ubuntu) on my daily driver. It was a great intro to tiling wms, but I feel like I've outgrown it.

@derek I've been working on my dwm lately and honestly I could probably replicate a lot of what your showing.


Hey Derek, what is your way to install your Xmonad-Desktop ???
... is it like install as a package under an other WM, or do you install it on an clean base Arch-Installation >>> can you please tell me how you do this ??? Many thanxxx in advance.

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