@derek I feel like that little bit at the end might have been a $50 troll.

@rob @derek I would not call Derek a liar; you will not succeed. Derek is a very stand up guy and if he has shown he was donating $50 to the gnome foundation, you better believe it he actually did it.

@DigitalOffgrider @derek I didn't call him a liar. I don't doubt that he actually completed the transaction. 🙂

@derek Seriously deep respect for trying to foster positive change in the community and donating to the project you oppose so vehemently - gnome.

You are one of the leaders in the FOSS movement and I am proud of you. You don't just talk the talk; you walk the walk. Peace

@DigitalOffgrider @derek I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment. 🥂

@derek I said it in a YouTube comment, and I say it here: I fully agree with what you say.

@derek but world would've been less interesting without this paradox "we are united because we are not united" 🤓

I couldn't get it. Maybe it's a good psychological trick to calm yourself down or some sort of a Buddhist practice, but actually acting like this is equal to sending a strong signal: "guys, we're ready to eat any shit you feed us".
No, it doesn't work like this, hideous persons deserve a disdainful attitude. We MUST show'em we're not gonna take it. It's already become too big to continue tolerating it.

@VikingKong @derek It is kind of similar to loving-kindness, which is a Buddhist practice.

But that doesn't mean you just let people get away with anything. You just do it while loving the other person, flawed as they are, not hating them.

It makes your criticism more effective, not less. It is not easy to do though, our ego gets in the way.

@derek Unity is not a myth. It's a desktop. (Deprecated, renamed) And a game engine. And so many other things that mythicality has long been removed as a possibility.

@derek as you wish: I like Mozilla Foundation because of their products Thunderbird and Firefox. (Puh, that was really hard for me...)

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