@derek I get that you are very excited for Gemini. I get the modern web is bloated, but you're shooting yourself in the foot if you toss away your website and only maintain a Gemini capsule. Only a tiny fringe of enthusiasts will ever visit it. Converting your Gemini pages to html is slick, but serving them on a normal http server eliminates the incentive for someone like me to ever view your actual capsule on a proper Gemini client. You may want to rethink your plan.

@derek Suggestion: post a link also to the video you put on odysee...that way more people will be introduced to the platform. Cheers!

@derek The reason you post on Youtube is to reach more people. Going to Gemini only, would narrow that down to just us already here geeks. Luke made a good point...if we can get a browser (Brave) to add the protocol, then maybe. I AGREE with you about slow bloat now (I too was a geek in the 90's). Having both is okay, but I would not get rid of http...keep sending your message to the masses. :)

@derek your HTTP site looks good. Simple and clean. I bet it is easier to maintain now.

@ke4pcx Much simpler to maintain since I'm just running a script to convert my Gemini site to html. ;)

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