@derek nice! if i didn’t already get a dygma, i’d probably be picking up one of these.

@derek 'ofcourse the cli works better than the gui' .

My thoughts exactly.

Question : how difficult is it to switch to this split keyboard from a regular one. And what's the typing speed you can achieve vs a regular keyboard ( better or worse ?)

I'm a software engineer/programmer, so it would be good to have a more ergonomic keyboard, but I also need speed :-)

@kenny After a couple weeks using the ErgoDox, I was as fast as using a normal keyboard. After a few more weeks, I was probably faster than using a normal keyboard. On a standard keyboard, your thumbs (or sometimes just one thumb) is only used for that gigantic space bar in the middle of the board. The ErgoDox and Moonlander force you to use both thumbs and they place very commonly used keys there (space and back space on left cluster; return and tab on right cluster).

@kenny It really is a massive improvement in terms of ergonomics and in terms of typing efficiency.

@derek Thanks !
I think i'll get the moonlander for my next keyboard

@TooTankhaMooN I play games using this keyboard. Xonotic and 0 A.D. :D

@derek I just bought me one. Your glowing review convinced me.

@derek How is the cli flashing tool better than the good old Makefile from qmk_firmware? Being able to use the web GUI to create the layout (at the expense of keeping the layout under source control) or is there any other advantage?

@rilla Not sure there is an advantage either way. Flash the firmware with qmk if you want. It's OK with ZSA and doesn't void your warranty.

@rilla Here is ZSA's fork of qmk_firmaware: github.com/zsa/qmk_firmware
For anyone interested in the code.

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