@rain PeerTube isn't a free as in beer since you have to host your own videos. Also, I cannot monetize videos on PeerTube. In short, PeerTube sucks and that's why no one really uses it.

@derek @rain Yeah, people seem to forget bandwidth isn't free and that's why YouTube took off the way it did in the first place.

@lain_os @allison @rain Torrenting doesn't save on storage costs, which is the real killer.

@derek @lain_os @allison @rain Many creators moved to have ads inside the video, it seems. Podcasters do the same. That way you just need to find a good #PeerTube instance and donate some of your profits to the admins so they can keep it running. Also, since PeerTube has plugins, it wouldn't be impossible to have an ads plugin that lets you place ads on your videos if you insist. Ads that I can click away are IMO better than in-video ads.
It's not click-and-go, but it's certainly possible.

@derek @rain I guess the only way to have peertube being self-sustainable would be via hard to bootstrap things like patreon/liberapay/… or to somehow do sponsoring, which probably doesn't works on it because of the lack of a good viewers counter (architectural issue).
@derek @rain damn I wish I had the money to buy some blades to dedicate to peertube.
@derek @rain You could monetize using Patreon and telling your viewers to collaborate and using some instance of Peertube instead of creating yours.

@derek @rain Uau, thats an offending coment. Videos are always stored somewhere, and you always pay for it. Directly or indirectly.

Maybe monetization is not that direct, but there is people using it, thats for sure.

@derek @rain

I hope LBRY works out better for your monetization model. The big name providers certainly overcharge for disk-space as well. I know you've already moved on, but I imagine that talking to Francisco or Pete about specialized nodes (heavy storage, for example) would be cheaper than going to any big provider.
@derek I think it's a good thing they are being shut down. Their website is a broken flaming pile of javashit anyways. Now I find out there's BRWOCKCHAIN!!!! added on top?

@derek LBRY might do better at spreading the work if helplbrysavecrypto.com actually worked.

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