@Deuxis I asked the same thing once. The answer is he toots out the video link before Odysee has a chance to sync with his YouTube channel.

@derek Seems the marxist and cancel culture found a new way to "nationalize" and confiscate the work of many talented people into their garbage political agenda

@TooTankhaMooN @derek It is peak irony that @derek is arguing for the same thing. This is how you just make yourself look like a clown.

@robbyoconnor I agree that the way the video ends, Derek makes it sound like he's calling for the exact thing that he's being critical of the Gnome folks for.

@retroedgetech It's peak irony and none of them see it. I support FOSS -- I don't have to like RMS to like FOSS.

@robbyoconnor @TooTankhaMooN @derek sure it does Come off that way unless one has an agenda that can't see through it

There is no any irony at all here, cancel culture activists must be canceled. You reap what you sow.
These scum are totally useless anyway.
@TooTankhaMooN @derek

@Mek101 you should make you're own research, i'm not trying to convince anybody just saying my oppinion after i made my own reasearch on this topic. I'm not the type to say ban this or that cos i believe life is made from nuances but the leftists seem to push things little to far and they try to cancel billion of peoples world wide who happenes to think differently from them.

I did my own research, time ago. To me it seems that you guys make the classical american error: conflating democrats and leftists.

@Mek101 @Mek101 if i write to your jar of salt the word sugar on it does that change the fact in your jar is actually salt and not sugar? Same as democrats. They label themselves democrats cos it sounds good for the ear but they put already a label to the guys from US as racists. How they are racists if 2 mandates in a row was an afro american as president? How he could become president if the vast majority would not have voted for Obama? Same majority that now calls it racist

@TooTankhaMooN How does this relate to my post above? You're getting angry that the salt is salty, while calling it pepper

@Mek101 it's ok i get it we have different points of view. Don't understand where my sugar went though cos i saw you kept the salt but introduced some pepper 🏳️ Now i saw you're a student. That explaines it all. Me too when i was a student i was thinking whatever was new at that time. So yes the newest thingy right now is the leftist agenda. 🏳️🏳️ 🏳️ . I've been thru revolutions earthquakes dictatorships so i can smell things before they happen and that can go terrible wrong that's all.

@derek I don't consider having all the information to make my own opinion on this.

From what I can tell, RMS said some pretty stupid things in the past and now he's a target of the "cancel culture".

To me, neither of the "sides" is actually contributing to technology and computer science in itself.
On the contrary, it's a loss. I would suggest shaking hands and move on?

P.S: I like how you use exactly the same tactics at the end of your video when asking to cancel Gnome. 😆

@bilbu @derek RMS definitely has a problem with not thinking before he speaks. But I think having someone on the board as stubbornly dedicated to free software as him is important. I think he should be involved, just not the face of FSF any more.

@derek Isn't it hilarious how you're calling for the same thing you don't want to happen to the @fsf?

@robbyoconnor @derek @fsf I suppose that was on purpose? 🤷‍♂️

@robbyoconnor @derek @fsf

It's THEIR Code of Conduct and they ACTUALLY violated it by insulting Stallman.

Instead they insulted Stallman and asked him to be removed from FSF, GNU and any other project and the entire FSF board resigned just because of what Stallman wrote YEARS ago on his PERSONAL blog.

Does it seem the same thing to you?

@maquinisto @derek @fsf That's fine and dandy but when that affects others, it ceases to be a valid approach. RMS has affected others: harihareswara.net/sumana/2021/

Totally agree. The only people that must be canceled and canceled forever are cancel culture activists.

@derek Thanks for sharing your great video. Could you please make a toot on how can we support Richard Stallman?

@derek Nice job on this video. I like that you’re pointing out GNOME’s hypocracy.

@derek I actually kind of like Gnome software, it usually gets the job done.
Hopefully someone will dare to fork it all and make Libre versions

Hey @derek,

did you already sign the petition in support of rms?


It has been signed by more people than the one that wants to "remove" him. 😂

@derek There is a distribution called Fedora? Never heard of it 😂

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