The site experienced a few hours of downtime this morning. This was an unexpected event. Apparently, we filled up the disk on DigitalOcean. Oops?! I upgraded to a bigger disk and resized the primary partition. Hopefully, we didn't lose any data.

@derek this was a cause for @sir dropping mastodon. disk space gets consumed inexplicably it seemed. were you able to identify the sources of the kludge?

@derek I'm I the only one in the European time zone that noticed loo

@derek if you host media you should consider getting stuff to s3 object storage soon so you don't have to resize the expensive disk space every time you run out of it

@koyu Looks like I was able to free up more than 50GB of space by using the mastodon cli and doing a "tootctl media remove" and a "tootctl statuses remove". So all is good now until those folders start filling up again.

@derek lol, I had the exact same issue yesterday morning on the new server I spun up just last week! Couldn't get logged in to see what was up though, and after I bounced it the disk usage was only at 35%. Odd. Only a 25GB disk right now though, a basic tier Gandi VPS, so I guess I'll add some monitoring and see what happens....

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