@derek "Sometimes he puts his foot in his mouth and sometimes he puts something in his mouth that was part of his foot."
πŸ˜† I'm dying over here from that!

@derek You can also watch it through a Invidious (front-end to YouTube) instance https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Uun2YhnUNGc

@derek I don't agree with a great many things, but this cancelling nonsense is garbage, and I wouldn't be where I am now without his influence. If/when the vote comes up in the FSF, I'll throw my lot in with him.

@derek I enjoyed this video, I dont care for RSM but he earned his place in history & I learned to take things outside his scope of expertise with a heap of salt. I would much rather see the hostiles of cancel culture defeated than a champion of digital freedom & digital human rights.

@derek Thanks to you and Brian @lunduke for sticking up for what's right and good. It's very good to see.

As an aside, please don't lump all 'religious' people in with the signatories of that letter (I know you didn't really do that πŸ˜ƒ ). I'm a *very* serious Christian and I completely agree with you both on this.

@derek i like RMS for the FSF though i think he could make an upgrade about that controversial statement he did

@derek Thank you very much for this video, you hit this issue pretty much on the head. I also agree with your criticism that the FSF could’ve been more transparent about it, but Stallman does not deserve he hate he’s getting.

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