@derek Good video for self-reflection. I like these podcast style videos from DistroTube every once in a while.

@derek It goes both ways. I am frustrated because I achieved all the goals I had set for myself by 35 and was left with nothing to do to run the clock out. I'm 38 now and it's been a struggle to define new goals for myself to achieve that I actually find meaning in.

@chris @derek

I guess frustration is a deeper condition in human beings, no matter what results we achieved, we are soon ready to feel frustrated for other reasons.

We must stop that frustration inside us, otherwise it will be an infinite loop.

@derek excellent video, love this type of content. You mentioned trust and lying, have you ever seen this site ncase.me/trust/ ?

Nice little site, thank you for sharing it!

@derek You can't control the behavior of others, you can't even really control your knee-jerk response to it. But you can learn to be aware of your own thoughs and feelings and stop being a slave to them.
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