Read Manpages With Less, Bat, Vim or Neovim

<iframe id="lbry-iframe" width="560" height="315" src="$/embed/read-manpages-" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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@derek I just assume there's a '-h' or '--help' for it; After that, my levels of annoyed gets increased.

@duckhp @derek After distrotube opened my eyes to tldr, that became 90% of what I needed.

@thegeekfather @derek

speaking of less.. While using tmux quite a bit; I've become accustomed to using:

$ <somecommand> --help | less

It beats tmux pane scrolling


Thanks for sharing the #lbry link to the video. I do like that better than yt links (though I copy them just into a file which later is processed by #youtube-dl).

It seems the iframe is not displayed correctly on mastodon, though. But the vanilla link should work anyway, I guess. I just try it here.$/embed/read-manpages-

Never thought about using #vim as my #manpage pager, but it is a good idea.

@derek I sometimes like to turn a man page into a pdf with ghostscript.
Here's the function.

pdfify() # convert man pages to pdf and open the pdf file
man -t $1 | ps2pdf - $1.pdf && setsid xdg-open $1.pdf &> /dev/null

@derek read info pages with less. vim keys are eternal.

@derek I'm going to have to find your video on Neovim then cause I've never used it and have no idea why it's better than vim.

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