@derek I didn't realize you speak Yiddish, DT.

I'm wondering how the statistics compare for users running outdated Windows releases versus outdated Linux releases.

@derek I would prefer Linux distros to default to auto updates. They are generaly so low risk its a good idea for desktops.

@LovesTha @derek No. This configure compromises unstable/slow/metered internet connections.

@smishmstn @derek configured to not use such connections is possible and mostly reliable. Or just a prompt in the installer that defaults to enabled is simple and ideal.

@derek I'm kind of the opposite.

I set up my qtile config to show when there are updates, but I found I was updating my system multiple times a day on Arch

@derek So I used a custom command with the CheckUpdates widget which only shows when there's at least 20 updates to do (which is still daily)

If anyone is interested:
test $(paru -Qu | wc -l) -ge 20 && paru -Qu"

( if you don't use paru you can replace with yay or pacman)

@derek I made a small typo there ( the double quote at the end shouldn't be there
So it's :

test $(paru -Qu | wc -l) -ge 20 && paru -Qu

( in the qtile config you put it in a string with quotes around it, hence my error)

@derek i personaly would love to see more immutable Distro's like NixOS or the new Micro OS from Suse/OpenSuse. so people can safely update and if there is an issue rollback to previous working snapshot.

@derek Did you ever tried gentoo, if yes how was your experience with gentoo? Why is compiling with source a pain for you?

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