@derek For me it was Mandriva/Mageia - Arch ;-)
I mostly got tired of never having up-to-date versions of software soon after they came out.

@derek I admire :arch_linux: and anyone who can actually install and run it as a daily driver. But my route was different. During lockdown I it went: elementaryOS > Fedora > Ubuntu > Kubuntu > Manjaro > Linux Mint. Only the latter fully supported the Thinkpad X1 8th gen and still did run after a few weeks without any issues at all. But that is just my personal experience and I expect to be virtually stoned for heresy right now.

@derek I took a different road. I started on Debian, moved to Red Hat (it wasn't Fedorah yet), heard about the then-new Gentoo, moved to it and stuck to it, moved to LFS, moved to Arch, moved to Arco, moved to Parabola, then Artix, then Manjaro, probably going to try Guix next.

@derek I don't like that Arch is exploding in popularity. I've been running Arch since before it was cool. I don't need my distro of choice to be popular. Now get off my lawn noobs.

@rob @derek

I moved away from Arch after 6 years of use, my install was stable AF, and exactly how i liked it, i decided to go full scorched earth and not back it up. I currently have Kubuntu installed, although will probably move to debian when it supports the hardware in my e14 gen2 Thinkpad

@rob I think it's basically become a beginners operating system now.

@derek @louis I'll share. We've got a lot on our plate ATM, so it's going to be a ways off before I ever have time, but I'll share πŸ˜€

@derek my path: my first os was Ubuntu 14, I would use this until ver18, on my new (at the time) machine I ran windows because I wanted to play games (and I was 12) I didn't like windows so I installed kubuntu. Then I started distrohopping like mad when I was 14, 15. I've tried; openSuse, Debian, fedora, centos, rhel, different Ubuntus, arch, and I tried gentoo but my fm2+ CPU compiled the is so slow, I just gave up!
At the moment I run artix (runnit) on my x220 with xfce bspwm as a daily driver

@derek Red Hat, then Debian, then Ubuntu, then Debian unstable. But I do love Arch documentation.

@derek Love the video. Interesting I found myself moving the other way. I was using Arch and other distros then went to Debian based distros to get the OS "out of the way". One thing that seems to be universal is that tiling wm's are more productive no matter what distro you use.


For me, it was FreeBSD > Debian > Ubuntu > Fedora > elementary OS > Debian > Fedora

@derek Ubuntu -> Mint -> ??? -> Arch -> Manjaro -> Debian -> MX

The switch for Arch was because my computer at the time was getting old and Arch was actually a nice way to get that done. Got an extra year out of that old lappy thanks to Arch.

@derek for me it was
mint - lubuntu - ubuntu budgie - ubuntu budgie - ubuntu budgie - arch (X11) - arch (wayland)

@derek Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Magieia, Debian, Kubuntu, ElementaryOS, Fedora, Kubuntu, ParrotOS, Debian, Kubuntu. Should I try Arch, and if so, friendly GUI installer for first timer?

@DankyNanky @derek I don't think they have a graphical installer, no.
There is ArcoLinux though, which has a GUI installer and it's pretty much Arch otherwise

There's also Manjaro but I know they use different repositories than Arch

@derek debian, ubuntu, fedora, slackware, mint, arch, bsd, now Manjaro lol

@derek knoppix, fedora, Debian, opensuse, Ubuntu, arch, Solus, and then I came to just bounce between to see what is new in each one. These days I honestly don’t care what distro I use. They all have everything I need to be productive.

@derek I've been all over the place. Knoppix back in the day, Suse, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo , Mint .

But it was more dabbling, not really as my main system (always had a dual boot with Windows)

Then a few years ago got into Linux again, installed Manjaro as my main system. Then installed Arch a few months ago (using your video)

@derek I mean.. Debian -> Ubuntu -> Debian -> *tons of debian-based distros* -> Manjaro -> *tons of debian-based distros* -> macOS -> manjaro -> ubuntu -> manjaro -> arch -> artix -> voidlinux -> instantOS -> artix -> fedora -> guix -> parabula -> openSUSE -> artix -> freeBSD -> voidlinux -> artix
It's.. kinda messy

@derek I enjoyed the braindump. Stay warm & prepared for more crazy weather.

As a Arch user for 6 years it has many perks due to its simplistic design.

I do worry with censorship that the Internet could someday loose freedom of access and it does perk my interest in Gentoo & Source based distros -- having a offline copy of all source code to compile software has its perks.

Arch KISS philosophy and Unix Way of do one thing and do it well, along with strong wiki are big selling points.

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