@derek iv always used mutt, but I'm just copying the unaboomer

@derek why the hell people make software with electron? When did this shit became default?

@arh: Not defending electron, but as a web developer personally, learning how to develop applications normally is somewhat difficult

With web development being as big as it is, it's often quite attractive to new people

@derek doesn't Thunderbird support all of those other features? A subscription of $8 to use those features seem way too expressive...

I wonder what other business model they can use...

That said, i hope it goes well for them.

@derek@distrotoot.com take a look at blue mail they also have cross platform application even on ios & android unlike Mailspring


@derek Forced to create an account on mailspring's servers even if you're not subscribing to pro features? Nah. I'll stick with Thunderbird.

@derek mailspring-libre is what everyone should be using

@derek Works great with Protonmail using the Protonbridge as well!

@derek I'm giving it a shot. At a glance the UX seems more in line with average user-expectations vs complexity of Thunderbird.

I get the whole "credit where credit is due" part in reference to Microsoft, but their interest in Linux I'm sure is self-interest -- we are still 2nd class or 3rd class citizens not having access to Primary Microsoft Software suchas: Native Office, Native Direct X, Native Windows Store, etc... so they have a long way to come to impress me or earn me as a consumer.

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